A single platform that connects the various areas of your organization




Different Markets lead to different experiences

As a result of our presence in such distant markets as the Far East or Brazil, we soon identified the real need to centralize on a single platform genetically different data that were traditionally stored in information islands.

A need made mission

We have, therefore, created the ToBeFlow platform. A web-based platform that allows the management of all peripheral information to the ERP system usually dispersed across Excel Files, E-mail Messages, Commercial Proposals, Address Books, among other information that is essential to the organisation.

We believe ToBeFlow is an excellent tool for a close monitoring of your business, even when you are far away. It is a collaborative tool which is simultaneously accessible from different geographic locations throughout the world with the guarantee of having all the information centralized and secure.


Over 20 years creating management solutions

Founded in 1993, PONTUAL SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS is a consulting and software development company with headquarters in Portugal and offices in Brazil (Sao Paulo), and Macau. PONTUAL SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS has extensive experience in implementing integrated software systems, with national and international references in the areas and markets in which it operates.

Having as its core business Legal/Mass Litigation, Veterinary, and Retail/Services Management areas, PONTUAL SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS adopts as its fundamental principles Entrepreneurial drive, Continuous Innovation and long term Strategic Vision.






Financial Institution

With a presence in Portugal dating back to 1996, COFIDIS has grown into the leader and No. 1 recognised brand in the personal credit market by developing partnerships for point-of-sale financing options. Cofidis Portugal is using JurisFlow, a specially tailored version of ToBeFlow to Lawyers and Legal Departments, to manage all critical services and procedures in its “Legal Department/Recovery”.



"ToBeFlow, due to the mobility that it offers in carrying out the work, came to bring major benefits in terms of access to the information in different work environments. Whether in the office, at home, or even in "outsourcing" at clients' premises. ToBeFlow also began to be a value-added to the aggregation of new companies/customers to our solution and licensing, because, from the outset, it allows that everything that is done by the companies, is integrated in the accounts of the LXgest, thus reducing the administrative burden for our employees."
Dr. Nuno Monteiro, CEO of Lxgest


Training and Consulting

ToBeFlow implemented at ZONAVERDE allowed:
• Modernise and integrate all the CRM component around the activity of the company and promote an increase of efficiency and security in terms of access to information of their employees;
• Standardize across cell the use of information as well as the integration of satellite applications, focusing on the areas of Training and Financial and reduce complexity in the handling of information, maintaining the segmentation of the same based on their level of access and privileges.