Invest in the Management and Optimization of Human Resources of your Organization


• Centralized Management of information on employees and applicants;

• Evaluation of cost-effectiveness of employees through the Daily Record of Activities;

• Access to a personal schedule that allows you to manage tasks and deadlines, as well as to record absences from work;

• Registration of internal training;

• Manage and control the renewal of contracts of employment;

• Support in the assessment of performance.


Recursos Humanos


Recursos Humanos



Is it difficult to centralize all the information concerning the processes of Recruitment and Selection?

With a minimum number of clicks you can have a complete view of the various ongoing processes, Pending and Performed Tasks, Emails exchanged, Occurrences recorded, archived Documents and actors. Apply this concept to the processes of Recruitment and Selection and see how much you earn in terms of efficiency and organization.


Would you like to automate the HR requests made by the various departments of your organization?

The Customer Portal allows the implementation of a set of specific Forms, made "to the extent" of each need. Through these, the other departments of the organization log requests to HR that are automatically validated and converted into Processes in ToBeFlow, and thus may be managed and monitored.


Do you need a system that supports you in the evaluation of performance of your employees?
The measurement of individual performance and the teams, based on the registration of daily activity, offers you a wide view of profitability and commitment of each employee, visible to both parties.


At the approval of the holiday's map, are you sure to have upheld the minimum services during those periods of time?

The ToBeFlow allows you to a 360º vision of planned absences in their teams. With the use of the Schedules and hole Types, you'll ensure the minimum services of each sector, in moments of holidays.


Processes of Recruitment and Selection

A basis of digital Applications

You need to keep a Database of up-to-date information on Candidates and Nominations?

Would you like to have a tool to support Actions of Recruitment and Selection in all its phases, including assessments of the Candidates?

The ToBeFlow responds to these needs and also lets you pre-define ACTION PLANS model for these types of Process. These plans are a set of Tasks, with according Dates and Deadlines and forms the basis that will direct the actions of the technician of RH that will follow the process.

Pending Jobs

The planning of work is the only way to ensure fluidity in the resolution of cases pending.

The ToBeFlow allows you to regulate the activity of its teams, resulting in a more efficient management of calendars.

The objectives are clear: lower the response time, regulate the assignment of priority to each pending, distribute and monitor the workload by employees.

Optimize the movements of your Teams

The ToBeFlow offers an Agenda for each employee. The Resource Agenda (cars, rooms, etc. ) are unlimited.

This system of Schedules allows you to:

‣ Distinguish the various markings, by type
‣ Determine the degree of Privacy of each agenda
‣ Manage the allocation of resources
‣ Have a 360º vision of absences or days of training of employees
‣ View Public Holidays/non working days
‣ View all Planned Tasks, by overlapping with the personal Schedule
‣ Control the Deadlines for each Task, in addition to the date of implementation planned
‣ Set Reminders of proximity warning of a marking

Centralize the Management of Contracts

An effective archive of all existing contracts.

Are employment contracts or contracts for the provision of services, you can use the ToBeFlow to effectively manage contracts with third parties.

This system allows you to:

‣ Register and Classify all of the contracts concluded with third parties
‣ Be alerted in due time, to be able to opt for the renewal or not of contract
‣ Quantify the total number of contracts concluded with each third in order to be enable to draw up strategies for the negotiation of values in scale

Drag, Sort, Store and then See

You can Drag'n Drop files directly to the platform

The ToBeFlow allows you to a Digital file and Organized documents, so you can see directly onto a PC or TABLET in total mobility.

‣ Go to each Curriculum Vitae
‣ See the evaluation reports recorded in phase of interview
‣ Archive files in Excel, PDF or WORD, among other
‣ Distribute Internal Rules and Procedures, by their teams
‣ Control Versions
‣ Set the privacy of each document, ensuring access to only certain Departments or Groups of Users

Measure the Work of your Organization

Support for the assessment of performance

The daily record of activities allows more than the allocation of hours to an Retainer Contract or customer. Allows a subsequent evaluation of all the time spent in your organization, as well as its financial return.

By examining the type of Validation applied, we realized easily how this time was allocated or charged.

Performance Indicators

Because we only manage what we know...

The ToBeFlow gives you access to a set of statistical indicators, extracted directly from existing information. Measure the activity of your organization using the KPIs such as:

‣ Daily average value of activities recorded by employee
‣ Daily average value of activities recorded, of teams
‣ Profitability of Employees

Internal Requests converted into Processes

Do you often receive requests from other departments, by a non-standardized email?

The ToBeFlow solves this problem.

Through the use of this client portal, will provide a set of forms that will allow for the orderly collection of information and subsequent conversion into processes, all within the ToBeFlow.

This component enables the hole customers (in this case, internal to the organization) may generate new processes assisted, freeing it resources and time.