A Tool that supports the Management of Quality in your Organization


• Centralization of all the information of their stakeholders;

• Annex automatic e-mails by Entity;

• Management of Cases of Non-compliance and Complaints;

• Controlled Sharing of Standards or Work Instructions;

• Access to Management Reports with information about the pending proceedings;

• Scheduling and Management audits.





Losing efficiency in the treatment of Complaints or Non-Conformities?

The ToBeFlow allows you to pre-define Tasks for each type of Process. This makes it possible that, at the time of creation of the process of a complaint, or Non-compliance, the system assign a set of Tasks, with according datas and Deadlines, and can be adjusted to each reality.


Have difficulty in knowing the history of corrective actions taken in the treatment of a Non-Compliance?

The creation of processes has the advantage of isolating a subject, allowing the establishment of a register of information that revolves around. It is an effective method that allows full traceability of Activities, Planning and Documents.


Would you like to automate and centralize the reception of Complaints?
The Client is a system extension that allows a disciplined and controlled interation with your customers, giving them autonomy to the register of complaints that give rise to new processes in ToBeFlow.


Are there outdated documents on the loose in your organization?

The ToBeFlow allows you to effectively manage all the standards and work instructions, segmenting the access and managing the various versions.


Quality Control in service

Regardless of the consultant, the processes have a single stream

The ToBeFlow allows you to pre-define ACTION PLANS model for each type of Process. Each one of these plans is automatically applied depending on the type of process.

This plan is a set of Tasks, with according datas and Deadlines and forms, this forms the starting point that will follow the actions of the Employee that is following the process. You can, however, be adjusted to each reality.

This initial calibration and each type of Process ensures uniformity of procedures.

Plan the Activities of your Team and measure the deviations

The work plan is the only way to ensure fluidity in solving processes.

The ToBeFlow lets you automatically Create the Plan of Tasks associated with each Entity, according to the Type of Agreement.

The objectives are clear: automate the most routine tasks and allow distribution and monitor the workload by elements of the teams.

Your Digital Assistant

The ToBeFlow offers an Agenda for each employee. The Resource Agenda (cars, rooms, etc. ) are unlimited.

What more do you need to manage the activities of your organization?

This system of Schedules allows you to:

‣ Distinguish the various markings, by type
‣ Determine the degree of Privacy of each agenda
‣ Manage resource allocation
‣ Program audits
‣ View Public Holidays/non working days
‣ View all Planned Tasks, by overlapping with the personal Schedule
‣ Control the Deadlines for each Task, in addition to the date of implementation planned
‣ Set Reminders of proximity warning of a marking

Centralize all Emails exchanged

Access to e-mail exchanged with a particular Entity is facilitated with the use of the ToBeFlow. Regardless of the employee or the email address used, the message is automatically copied to the Emails of the Entity.

A particular Entity has several contacts with several email addresses? The messages are registered, in the same way!

This classification system has the following characteristics:

‣ Works transparently to users
‣ Is executed automatically and scheduled, privileging with less hours of work with the platform
‣ Allows delete domains and addresses in this process, in order to ensure confidentiality

Drag, Sort, Store and then Share

You can Drag'n Drop (drag) of files directly to the platform

The ToBeFlow allows you to a Digital file and Organized documents, so you can share with your organization, safely and conveniently, while respecting privacy rules.

‣ Archive a Word file, an Excel or an Image
‣ Distribute Internal Rules and Procedures, by their teams
‣ Set the privacy of each document, ensuring access to only certain Departments or Groups of Users
‣ Version Control
‣ Audit the Access

Nothing is left unbilled

Is the invoice of the customer really applied all the time in their affairs?

The ToBeFlow allows you to regulate the administrative activities, through the daily record in TIMESHEET of work performed, as well as the cost.

The objective is clear: prevent any values or times left unassigned to each one of the underway processes.

For added safety, the ToBeFlow implements the concept of Validation of times and costs. Through this feature, ensures that all values are properly analyzed and classified into one of the following options:

‣ Should be assigned to the customer - will be reflected in the account to submit
‣ Should be considered under an Retainer Contract
‣ Should not be charged, the reason should be identified in this case

Efficient Management of Retainer Contracts

The ToBeFlow helps you not to exceed the deadlines

The management of Retainer Contract in ToBeFlow is a feature especially important when you need to manage the consulting hours contrated with the client or by other contractors.

At the time of registration of Activities in TIMESHEET, the ToBeFlow allows you to associate each one of these to an Retainer Contract.

The terms and conditions of each Retainer Contract will be defined in each case and determine the behavior of the platform:

‣ Retainer Contract limited, or not, in terms of the number of hours or incidents
‣ Retainer Contract bounded, or not, in time

Each Complaint received generates a Process in ToBeFlow

Among the various features of the Customer Portal...

... one of the main feature is the possibility of collecting Claims that give origin to New Processes, created automatically, thus freeing up time and resources.

Optionally, each entity would be able to monitor the progress of this process. The access to this portal is assigned by itself, user to user.

Remote Macros

Reconhecendo a importância de que o seu tempo deve ser investido em atividades prioritárias...

  • Com o JurisFlow poderá usufruir de um conjunto de funcionalidades que permitem automatizar tarefas rotineiras sobre plataformas externas (Citius, GPESE e Portal das Finanças)

Acesso Online

Sabendo que grande parte dos pedidos dos seus clientes se destinam a conhecer o ponto de situação de determinado processo...

  • Com o JurisFlow, através de um acesso online, o seu cliente poderá conhecer o estado atual dos seus processos, bem como, comunicar consigo, através de um canal específico