The ToBeFlow allows you to keep the Teams Organized and obligations fulfilled within the time


• Register of information specific to each Entity (No of employees, No documents provided);

• Automating the Registration of Activities per employee;

• Management and Control of profitability of Retainer Contracts;

• Management of contracts with third parties and alerts of renewals;

• Planning automatic recurring tasks, under an Retainer Contract;

• Control of Tasks timetabled through Global Panel;

• File and access the fiscal data;

• Ideal for an Accounting Department of an organization as well Accounting firms.





Is it difficult for you to evaluate the profitability of Retainer Contracts with your customers?

With a minimum number of clicks, you can evaluate the profitability of customers, collaborators and Retainer Contracts. The ToBeFlow, on the basis of daily records of the work carried out and properly assigned to each customer, determines the exact management indicators needed to manage your business.


Would it be important to you, manage contracts that your customers have with third parties?

The registration of contracts that each customer has with third parties, allows you an effective management of these portfolios, by anticipating each renewal and potentiating the negotiations in scale.


 Do you have the concept of performed services, which you are not charging to your customers?
The registration of activities has ceased to be a daily nightmare. From the list of planned and executed tasks, each employee can generate the respective activities for each of the entities, in a simple and friendly way. With an efficient registration of services, ensures that nothing is to be retainer contract.


Would you like to make the respective fiscal file available online for each customer?

The Intranet for Clients allows a view limited and fully controlled to existing information. The access credentials are managed by themselves, as well as the type of information that can be consulted.


Control of Quality of Service

Regardless of the Technical processes have a single stream

The ToBeFlow allows you to pre-define Action Plans model for each type of Process. Each of these plans is automatically applied depending on the type of open process.

This plan is a set of Tasks, with according Dates and Deadlines and forms the basis that will direct the actions of the technician that will follow the process. You can, however, be adjusted to each reality.

This initial calibration and own of each type of Process ensures uniformity of procedures.

Management of Planned interventions

The planning of interventions is the only way to ensure fluidity in the resolution of cases pending.

The ToBeFlow allows you to regulate the activity of its teams, resulting in a more efficient management of calendars.

The objectives are clear: lower the response time to problems, determine the degree of priority of each request, distribute and monitor the workload by employees.

Centralize the Management of Contracts with third parties

Do you have a notion of all contracts that have assets with third parties?

Whether subscriptions to publications, domain registration or service contracts, you can use the ToBeFlow to effectively manage contracts with third parties.

This system allows you to:

‣ Register and Classify all of the contracts concluded with third parties
‣ Be alerted in due time, to be able to opt for the renewal or not of contract
‣ Quantify the total number of contracts with third parties in order to be enable to draw up strategies for the negotiation of values in scale

Centralize all Emails exchanged with the Entity

Access to e-mail exchanged with a particular Entity is facilitated with the use of the ToBeFlow. Regardless of the employee or the email address used, the message is automatically copied to the Emails of the Entity.

Your client has several contacts with several email addresses? The messages are registered, in the same way!

This classification system has the following characteristics:

‣ Works transparently to users
‣ Is executed automatically and scheduled, privileging with less hours of work with the platform
‣ Allows delete domains and addresses in this process, in order to ensure confidentiality

Drag, Sort, Store and then Share

You can Drag'n Drop (drag) of files directly to the platform

The ToBeFlow allows you to a Digital file and Organized documents, so you can see directly onto a PC or TABLET in total mobility.

‣ Distribute Internal Rules and Procedures, by their teams
‣ Control Versions
‣ Set the privacy of each document, ensuring access to only certain Departments or Groups of Users

Have a perfect Control of the Work performed

When in doubt, refer to the Report of Activities in ToBeFlow

A detailed planning is a great base to ensure that all tax obligations of the customer are met within time.

The ToBeFlow has several tools that allow you to warn the implementation of pending jobs, as well as confirm the execution of the work planned.

Efficient Management of Retainer Contracts

Want to decide in an assertive manner the allocation of costs to the customer?

Quantify the Retainer Contract concluded with each client, as well as the hole Balances, if they have Overall limit or Monthly Hours or Incidents.

Is a feature especially important.

The terms and conditions of each Retainer Contract will be defined in each case and determine the behavior of the platform.

Register Technical information

In ToBeFlow, the set of attributes of the company is variable.

The ToBeFlow implements the concept of Technical Attributes: a set of Dynamic information (in this case technical), duly protected and accessible only to those who need them.

The goal is to register the information of your customer, which is essential for their teams can perform the contracted works.

On the other hand, this set of attributes may also be used for the creation of specific segments and thus optimize the institutional communication.