Have a 360-degree view of the Business Activity in your organization


• Easy access to your current and potential customers information;

• Create specific segments of Entities according to the hole business Attributes;

• Accompany the evolution of the business, from first contact up to completion;

• Learn about the state of all the commercial proposals in progress;

• Follow the mail exchanges between your organization or company and its customers;

• Evaluate the activities recorded and measure the deviation from the planned tasks;









Is it difficult to meet the consolidated information to a customer or business process?

With a minimum number of clicks, you can have a global view of the current procedures, Pending Tasks, Emails exchanged, Occurrences recorded, archived Documents, Commercial Activities or Technical Interventions and, of course, the current account of each of the Entities.


Lost business opportunities by not being able to handle the monitoring due to OPVs?

Plan your Tasks and Appointments, and be notified via the system of Reminders. Your agenda will reflect the Commitments and Planned Tasks, to ensure that the management of your day is more simple.


Want to normalize the work of the teams on the ground?
Do something about it!
Use the internal Library for the file of Trade Issues, Tables and Templates of Proposals, among others.
Ensure the information and material that your comercial team needs, wherever you are.


You Need quickly to segment your Entities in order to optimize your communication?

The segmentation of Entities is made on the basis of a set of attributes of commercial nature and allows you to quickly address the various Groups in an isolated form.


Go quickly to the information you need.

The ToBeFlow allows you organize files and relational nuclear information of each ENTITY.

‣ Identification Documents
‣ Addresses and Contacts
‣ Ongoing Processes
‣ Planned Tasks and activities
‣ Emails exchanged with the Entity by any one of its collaborators
‣ Proposals and commercial Issues
‣ Recording Expenditure/costs related to the activity in commercial Entity
‣ Current Account and Pending Documents

Accompany each process efficiently

You want to see in detail the tree, without losing sight of the forest?
The creation of Business Processes is a great way to isolate all the information related to a Business Opportunity because it allows you to:

‣ Archive and See Proposals and sent files
‣ Schedule commercial visits and Record the results of the same
‣ Identify processes such as HOT, WARM, COLD
‣ Monitor business GAINS or LOST

Your personal assistant, in digital format

The ToBeFlow offers an Agenda for each employee. Already the Resource Schedules or Generic are unlimited.
What more do you need in order to organize decently?
This System of Schedules allows you to:

‣ Determine the degree of Privacy of each agenda
‣ View Public Holidays/non working days
‣ View all Planned Tasks, by overlapping with the personal Schedule
‣ Distinguish the various markings, by TYPE
‣ Control the Deadlines for each Task, in addition to the date of implementation planned
‣ Set Reminders of proximity warning of a marking

Access to all E-Mail messages exchanged with the Entity

Access to e-mail exchanged with a particular Entity is facilitated with the use of the ToBeFlow.
Regardless of the employee or the email address used, the message is automatically copied to the Emails of the Entity.
Your customer has several contacts with several email addresses ? The messages are registered, in the same way!
This classification system has the following characteristics:

‣ Works transparently to users
‣ Runs automatically, privileging the hours of less work with the platform
‣ Allows delete domains and addresses in this process, in order to ensure confidentiality

Drag, Sort, Store and then See

You can Drag'n Drop files directly to the platform
The ToBeFlow allows you to a Digital file and Organized documents, so you can see directly onto a PC or TABLET in total mobility:

‣ Review the content of proposals sent
‣ See tables always updated
‣ Collection information of Commercial Issues
‣ View your catalogs and take advantage of the quality of images

Performance Indicators

Because we only manage that in fact we know...
The ToBeFlow gives you access to a set of statistical indicators, extracted directly from existing information.
Measure your commercial activity, using indicators such as:

‣ Value Pipeline of business
‣ Average Time for approval of a Proposal
‣ Accounting of initiatives necessary to closing the business
‣ Average Value of proposals in open
‣ Business gains in current month
‣ Lost Business in the current month
‣ Indicator of New current business

All Initiatives and Events Recorded

Fight with the high turnover of teams? Ensure continuity in change.
The ToBeFlow offers a Daily Log of Activities essential for all relevant information which allows simultaneous access all at once.

Characterization of the activity:

‣ Association Activity of the Collaborator, Entity and Process
‣ Identification of the Type of activity as well as the time spent
‣ Activity Log as a response to a Task previously planned

Classification A,B,C of Entities - assertive Communication

Segment to its portfolio of customers and communicate context.
The ToBeFlow implements the concept of Business Attributes: a Dynamic set of attributes (in this case commercial), duly protected and accessible only to those who need them.